Why am I pursuing americantownchina


Living in a recorded impoverished City. That had a terrorist incident questioning if this type of impoverished Community attracts "that type" of activity.  Have the Americans in those cities been forgotten? I don't believe their lives are getting safer or better.  So here's at least a chance. A risk you can take for our future. Not cost a dime in taxes.


Business growth is from new customers. 95% of potential new customers do not live in U.S.  Business Growth builds jobs in America. Bettering local economies, reducing impoverishment at no taxpayer expense. 

Only 40% of the 1 million Small Businesses that produce American Made Products have gone Outside the US to sell their products and services. Of that 40%. Only 20% have gone to more than one Country to Export.


Can you Imagine if all 1 million American Small Business, that produce American Made had an inexpensive Avenue to invest and grow their company while they vacationed, seeing the world around them, learning the etiquette and purchasing culture of the Chinese population, while targeting customers during their travels of the 5,000-year-old Chinese Cultural country, finding the needs that quality American Made can fill.


Establishing relationships with their Chinese customers. Only then, will you gain a real appreciation of the benefits to be realized through the medium of personal acquaintance and contact. 


Wow, If all one million American Made Small Businesses can Grow and increase their Income. Building more jobs, Bringing outside money into our economy via their exports of American Made Products. I believe America can Boast again that she is "the land of opportunity" for everyone again. At least, for a few impoverished American Cities, that I don't think America should represent




Oh, there's 1.4 billion potential new customers in China alone.  Their plans for americantownindia,

another potential 1 billion potential customers. Then, americantownrussia and americantownafrica. You do the numbers. By the way, vacation is included.


                                          Points of Interest Exporting to other Countries 

A Brief Glance

To Explain the Opportunities of


Can only be said, with the familiar.

But, not very often.

“It’s only left to one’s imagination”.


What We're Building


An all-inclusive Community in Beijing China. A melting pot of Multi-Cultural, like-minded Small Businessmen and Women, Musicians Artists and Entertainers in numbers. Fellowshipping, exchanging information ultimately nurturing ingenuity for growing their businesses, one country at a time.


A Community of Western Small Businessmen that produce Products or Services made in their country. Vacation like, the 30-day visit to understand Chinese etiquette, Marketing, Legal. Accounting and Chinese Social Media to best place their Products or Services into the Chinese purchasing Culture and secure future exports. Competing in the Global Economy. Establishing relationships with their Chinese customers. Only then, will you gain a real appreciation of the benefits to be realized through the medium of personal acquaintance and contact? Attracting curious Chinese Citizens to experience a live western culture. Only 4% of their population has passports. Similar to China towns attract Western Citizens

American ingenuity
Selling American Made Products and Services





China was a barren land, seemingly to Americans 25-30 years ago. We invested in China.

And planted a seed. Our continued investment; as a farmer invests into crops, watered that

Seed and it grew healthy and large and began to produce fruit. The fruit became abundant.

Now, that China is a formidable Economic power. Now, that China has prospered.

American Small Businessmen and Women should now Harvest its Fruit. As, a farmer

Harvest’s its crops. By Selling American Made



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November 2014 China Began to be in competition to be

 # 1 Economy in the World

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