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About Us

I work at being a humble seeker. My education is from formal, also informal challenges. From experiences in US military, traveling, marrying intercultural, Front seat as Paramedic in public's worst crises and given responsibility to control their crisis with competence. Then, Instructing the vocation and pass my experience along ethically

                           the best I can.

I also have made mistakes I regret but, understand the growth that I received from the consequences. What has all this done to make me better? Seeing a hero in; not just the rich and famous. Also, a poor man who said to me. "I HAVE NOTHING!" "But, If I can take a burden off another man's shoulders, even for just a little while". "I TOO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!". Seeing and recognizing a man, that could motivate one of the biggest populations in the world, to do anything.


I have a goal to establish, for the sake of understanding what a Man or Women feels when having the responsibility of being the breadwinner of their own family. To, being an employer where employees look to them for a meaningful job that ensures financial security for his family.


Startup “americantownchina" is a Small Business Community that can make a difference in America’s cyclic recessions by building a worldwide income from exports for Small Business to reduce the burden of job loss. Because of reduction in purchases made from the Small Businesses Products or Services. Snowballing to the Music, Art and entertainment income, from citizens purchasing only basic needed items for their household because of fears of uncertainty.


Around the world what were once considered lower Economic Countries, have entered the Global Economy establishing export contracts with other countries around them. Today, these countries have Historic growth as they have never had in the past.


America has 40% of the millions of Small Business going global. Also, only 20% of the 40% have exports with one country. I believe were neglecting 95% of potential customers and money that can be coming into America. That can lessen the burden of the next recession to taxpayers. Not to mention, American families that lose homes and financial disruption to their families.


This is not reinventing the wheel. This is known by most citizens, yet not taken advantage of like the countries around us. What are the reasons Small Business has not taken advantage of Going global?


Expense? not willing to invest the money to see a decent return for their risk? Fears of traveling outside America because of the fears of rejection or even violence that’s in the news day after day? Not understand the Host countries purchasing culture? Thinking the process is too complicated and finding a trade barrier.


Helping to solve Small Businesses Uncertainties about going Global. With an all-inclusive trip to China. That’s what americantownchina’s Community does, and more. We want to give an Enjoyable Vacation Like, 30 days of travel to Beijing China. That’s close to the price of a vacation. Giving proactive Small Businesses a comfortable sponsored trip to China that’s has a goal to grow and become even more profitable.


A community of western Businesses in numbers in one district brings notice to the local area we have real quality western made products and services available to solve any problem they may have. Naturally with the western community brings its culture. This alone, bringing the fact that over a billion of Chinese citizens will never experience a live western culture. The reason, only 6% of their population has a passport. Curiosity will attract them to the temporary mini shops of our Communities residence and become filled again with our next rotation of Western Businesses that want to grow with exports.


This is only the icing on the cake. Seminars having Chinese Businessmen experienced in Legal, marketing, accounting and Chinese Social media will be available for Businesses that have the interest to start branding their products and services. Then targeting the potential new customers for export. Showing what their quality product can do to better their lives... While experiencing the world around them. Translators available for the language barriers. Available, familiar food in the Community to acclimatize to their new foreign surroundings. Taking note of Culture Shock symptoms that may or may not arise. Sponsored by an Experienced like-minded individual that will walk and bring fellowship to each client during their stay at americantownchina.


These are only a few solutions we give to hesitant Small Businesses that want to grow their business. The byproduct of exporting more of our Made in America products and services? Job growth in the local community the business is from. Allowing that community to be stronger against the cyclic recessions that historically come every 15-20 years. Keeping our faith our jobs are secure and not feeling insecure about the ability to take care of our family economically.


Please, if you know of anyone business that is proactive and wants to grow. Ask them to take a look at what americantownchina has to offer.


We will be going to China soon to purchase licenses, local duties, logistical and human resources for the establishment of americantownchina. There, we are going to video our work, Also BlogTalkRadio our experiences on "The quintin show". This for our crowdfunding, asking anyone who wants to risk $1.00 toward the cost to establish the first western community in China. We will be giving our day by day journey through Social media while crowdfunding for 30 days that it is active.


I will be announcing the start of americantownchina in as many Social Media outlets as possible. Please keep an ear out. and help build job security in America for a dollar. I think it's worth it. And the vacation is included!


Thank you for reading,



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Train from Beijing to Shanghai - 3hrs 58min.- Average speed 208 mph
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